Lost Roddenberry Disks No Longer Lost


Perhaps just in time for the proposed new Star Trek TV series, a discovery has been made concerning the series late original creator Gene Roddenbery.

Yes, it seems some data recovery types finally cracked the code on Roddenberry’s collection of personal floppy disks.  There’s data on those disks, and not the one that would be most obvious reference to Star Trek.

What is on those disks?  How should I know?  But maybe there’s something there that could be used for future TV projects like the aforementioned new Star Trek.

I mean, it’s not like past resurrections of lost Roddenberry script ideas haven’t been complete and total flops.  Who doesn’t love Earth:  Final Conflict and that Andromeda thing that had Kevin Sorbo?

Actually, did anyone actually watch those shows, because I don’t really know anything about ’em.

Hey, maybe that stuff was lost for a reason!

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