Your Requite Star Wars Post For Today: Awesome IMAX Posters


Above we have the latest poster for The Force Awakens in IMAX.  After the cut, three previously released posters in a similar art style.  Jenny, don’t these look good enough to frame and put up in your den?

In other news, premium cable network Starz has secured exclusive TV rights to air The Force Awakens.  I’m not sure if anyone cares about this, but there you go.




One thought on “Your Requite Star Wars Post For Today: Awesome IMAX Posters”

  1. That Starz thing is not a surprise. The big premium cable channels make deals with different studios to get exclusive rights to air their movies when said movies hit cable. Starz has clearly made a deal with Disney, seeing as how many of the movies I’d see on Starz were, if not from Disney itself, then from a Disney affiliate.


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