Commercial Break: Batsoup


It may not be due to hit theaters until March, but the most…well, least…well, something…anticipated movie coming out this spring, Batman vs. Kramer:  Dawn of Predators or something has some TV spots right now.

See, we here at Gabbing Geek have done a lot to mostly look askance at this particular movie.  More details made many of us feel more uneasy.  That’s not cool.  Will the TV commercials help us?  Not in a million years, but we have them behind the cut anyway.

Hey, here’s one in German.  Maybe that will help!

Nope, now I’m even more confused.  I wish I spoke German…

One thought on “Commercial Break: Batsoup”

  1. I’m probably the lone geek in the office that hasn’t been hard on the previous Batsoup trailers. My biggest issue with the last one was that it seemed to spoil most of the movie and invalidate the title. But something about these TV spots really worries me. I’m not sure exactly why.

    My favorite part with these though might be where they call Batman Die Fledermaus in the German one.


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