Need A Refresher On Secret Wars Before The Finale On Wednesday?

That sliver with Spider-Man actually has Superman’s toe in it as well. Marvel is making sure all the bases are covered in the All-New All-Different universe.

Each issue of a comic book series is usually a month apart.  So if Secret Wars #1 came out in May 2015, January 2016 should see the release of…Secret Wars #9.  Which is the exact issue that is coming out in two days time!  I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about this series being excessively delayed.  Looks like it is right on schedule.  🙂

But if you do need a reminder of what happened in issues #1-8, or you never picked up those issues and want to start with #9 for some reason or you’re Jenny and are just curious about Secret Wars but will never read it, check out the Marvel produced video after the break.  Secret Wars, The Story So Far…


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