Review: Legends Of Tomorrow

dc_legends_of_tomorrowDC’s Legends of Tomorrow premiered last night after months of anticipation.  Could it deliver on the solid foundation that Flash has brought us for the last year and a half?  Could a team show work in an hour-long format?  Will Mr Freeze actually be a good guy?  Jump after the break for a full review.



What an amazing episode.  From the establishment of Vandal as a threat still to be dealt with all the way to assembling the team, selling them on the vision, and heading straight into their first adventure.  The episode never lagged, had plenty of time to develop nine (wow!) different characters, and even had a little fun in the 70s.  Flash has been so much fun to watch, now we have another player in the Fun Superhero genre.

What I especially loved was that this was a team dynamic where everyone did have their own character.  From Dr. Stein’s desire for adventure overcoming his Firestorm-partner’s objections to the Atom’s desire for relevance and even Freeze/Pyro’s motivations for entering the fray.  All of them felt real, and even some of the twists for Rip Hunter at the end of the episode added some layers to an already decent motivation for him.

Dramas that focus on a particular goal (in this case, kill Savage) can be difficult to maintain.  Eventually they will have to resolve that storyline because audiences will only suffer through the neverending quest for so long.  How the writers handle the end of this storyline and the transition to the next will be a big moment, but for now I am so looking forward to the rest of this season.

Also, I’m obsessed with the lever that Hunter has to pull to initiate a time jump.  That thing makes no sense!  But I still want one.

Score: 10 out of 10 lesbian-flirting-induced bar brawls!

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