Another Day Another Batsoup Trailer

How the mighty have fallen. “You know, I used to have my own invisible jet.” “Sure lady, and I had my own invisible cruise ship where Aquaman and I would make sweet, sweet love. Now sit down and fasten your seatbelt.”

We’re less than two months now from the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so the ad campaign is really kicking into high gear.  After the cut, a new trailer (that doesn’t really show much new besides Diana on a plane).  The trailer had me mostly until Lex showed up with his horrible “The red capes are coming” line.  Seriously, WTF is going on with Luthor in this movie?

Also after the break, an image from a recent issue of Empire magazine that could be a huge (though not unexpected) spoiler.

Here’s a picture of Lauren Cohan to act as some spoiler space if you want to see the trailer but not the image and commentary below.  She is slated to appear as Bruce Wayne’s poor mother who gets killed over and over again every time Bats relaunches.

Batmom is not messing around.

So here is the image that is causing much speculation.  It was featured in the aforementioned Empire Magazine Batman/Superman special.


That symbol burned in the ground should look familiar to DC Comics readers.  It has been long associated with DC big bad Thanos Darkseid.  It has been rumored that Doomsday was not the only villian in Batsoup, so Darkseid makes a lot of sense.  If I had to bet though, I would think we only get a tease of him in this movie to set him up as the villian in Justice League.

The next two films in the DCU are Suicide Squad which really should have no ties to Justice League and a Wonder Woman solo film which takes place in the 1930’s.  After that, it is straight to Justice League, so it makes sense that Batsoup lives up to it name as the Dawn of Justice.

Oh, and that Empire Magazine also reveals that at the time of Batsoup, Wonder Woman is 5000 years old and retired from being a super hero.  Um, what?

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