Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: Are You Still Reading These?


While the search for Watson has been fruitless as an orchard during a severe drought, we here at Gabbing Geek for some unknown reason still want to impress everyone with the box office report.

So, we went around and found someone to help us out again.

Yes, this time we found another distant cousin of Watson’s, Yung Wat-son.

Yung Wat-son
Yung Wat-son

He was living alone atop a mountain and after telling us he had no idea where his cousin Watson the Geek was, did relate the following words of…well, not quite wisdom…

The tides come in and go out with much regularity, and in that time, the old will fall to the new and what was once of much popularity will find that popularity fleeting amongst the fickle public.

For as we can see, the third voyage of a panda gifted in kung fu did bring in $41 million in a single weekend.  Such things are nothing in the all-consuming expanse of the universe.

For truly, that fleeting glory was once held by a revenant of times past.  $12.4 million was the value of its ticket sales, of that I can tell you.

The war among stars, awakening a force, would be in third place during this celestial season you refer to as the weekend.  $10.78 million was its total.  I would say that those interested in avoiding the initial rush would be wise to attend screenings of this film now.

What is life and death?  That is a question few can answer with any degree of philosophical accuracy.  But that would say that a true story of a rescue of lives by ship, a veritable retelling of the finest hours of those men, would earn a respectable-for-January release of $10.3 million.

Oh, and some people still went to see Ride Along 2 to the tune of $8.3 million.  Can you dig that?

Watson’s whole family seems to be like this.  What is their deal with the box office report anyway?

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