Trailer Time: Final Batsoup Trailer


Look, we’re ambivalent at best here about Batman vs. Superman:  Dawn Is A Dishwashing Soap, but we also have an obligation to our reader (hi, Jimmy’s mom) to pass along stuff, so here’s the final Batsoup trailer after the cut.  It has a Batman action sequence, and Wonder Woman actually speaks.  Draw your own conclusions.

2 thoughts on “Trailer Time: Final Batsoup Trailer”

    1. That’s one of my problems too. The DC heroes seem so dour. I don’t necessarily want them to copy Marvel’s cinematic housestyle, but at the same time I want the sense that someone is enjoying himself or herself. Batman works as a dark character. Superman not so much. It’s like they want the entire Justice League to be a bunch of Batmen.

      And to be fair, I never worried about the action sequences in a Zach Snyder movie. Its everything else that I find less impressive.

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