Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: The Most Romantic Weekend Of The Year Went To A Guy In Red


Deadpool?  Yes.

Watson?  No.

Coincidence?  Yes.

Love is in the air!  And what do people love?  Celebrating a Hallmark Holiday that commemorates the day St. Valentine died.  Yes, died.  People sure were glad to be rid of that guy.  No wonder we give flowers.  We’re supposed to put them on his grave.

To further celebrate love, let’s look at the violence that won the Box Office for Valentine’s Day weekend.

Yeah.  Deadpool.  $135 million.  In February.  People love that guy.  I know I did.  Yes, review forthcoming.

And then there was more violence with Kung Fu Panda 3.  I heard Ryan liked it.  I could be wrong.  Did he like it to the tune of $19.6 million?  Maybe not.  If he did, I think Jimmy would be pressing him for a raise right about now.

In third place was How To Be Single.  I think people figured if they were going to be single on Valentine’s Day, they’d rather do it with Deadpool than Rebel Wilson.  $18.7 million for Rebel Rebel, What’s On Her Dress, but at least with Deadpool, you can be by yourself and no one would be looking sideways quite so much as you would at what sounds like a romantic comedy, maybe without the romance.

And then there was Zoolander 2.  Was there a demand for another one of these?  Methinks maybe not.  Not even for $15.6 million.

And finally, the movie about a love that dare not mention its name, the love between a man and the bear trying to murder him.  The Revenant scored $6.9 million.

We here at Gabbing Geek love lots of things.  Some of us love the weekly box office report.  I worry about them.

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