Deadpool Post Credit Scene Explained In Painstaking Detail


Have you seen Deadpool?  If you’re reading a blog called Gabbing Geek then you probably have.  If not…what is wrong with you?  Go see it right now!  It is funny and action packed and…don’t take the kids.  It is R rated for a reason.

If you have seen Deadpool, did you stay for the post credit scene?  I hope so.  It may be a little low key as far as post credit scenes go, but it is really smart in terms of references.  After the break, check out a video that does a great job breaking down the post credit scene as well as giving viewers that may not be familiar with the comic X-Universe some information about a character you may be seeing in Deadpool 2.

The video has no real Deadpool movie spoilers, but does show the end credit scene.

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