From Iron Throne To Iron Fist

And now, playing a master of the martial arts from a mysterious hidden Asian land...
And now, playing a master of the martial arts from a mysterious hidden Asian land…

Well, Marvel and Netflix found their Iron Fist.  They just tapped some guy from Game of Thrones.

What?  You don’t know him offhand from the photo above?  Don’t feel bad.  I love me some Game of Thrones and I had to look the guy up when I saw his name.  See after the cut for more.

Yes, Marvel tapped Finn Jones for Iron Fist, who can use his chi to make his fist like unto iron after he plunged said fist into the heart of a deathless dragon in the mysterious hidden land of K’un Lun.

Yeah, they may not be keeping that entire origin for the series.

Anyway, Daniel “Iron Fist” Rand is a good buddy to Luke Cage, half of the original Heroes for Hire, and frequently fights the forces of evil with a glowing fist that’s really hard.  You know, like iron.

Does this mean Jones’ character, Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of the Flowers, is done for?  Will he be recast?  Will Waston notice?

"I will not."
“I will not.”

Well, without saying anything, when last we saw Ser Loras, he was in a heap of trouble.  And this is Game of Thrones.  Sudden deaths of various characters happen all the time.

Anyway, there you have it.  Finn Jones is Iron Fist.  Soon to be posing shirtless with a fake dragon tattoo on his chest and maybe fighting evil in his pajamas.  Only time will tell.

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