Gabbing Geek Box Office Report: Oscar Hangover Edition…Or Not


Look, we here at Gabbing Geek are performing a public service.

I have no idea what that service is, so here’s the Box Office Report.  We still can’t find Watson, though he did somehow make some Oscar predictions by carrier pigeon.

While our search for Watson remains largely fruitless…and vegetable-less too from the looks of the guy we’re going to be talking to instead…we did find another distant Watson cousin to tell us what came out on top of this crazy ticket sales contest that some people cling to for reasons I personally will never understand.

Anyhoo, this week we talked to Angus MacWatson.

Angus MacWatson
Angus MacWatson

Here’s what he had to say.

Welcome to mah home, laddie!  Didye bring me anythin’?  Nah?  No mattah.

So, ye wanna know what wee movie made the most dollars?  That’s a fair question.  The answer is Deadpool.  Yeah, that was the one to make the most money.  $31.5 million!  Do ye ken how much tha’ is?

Yes, it is tha’ much.  Movin’ on.

This next one really hits me right in the heart, it does.  A Scotsman was the God of Egypt in Gods of Egypt.  Clearly someone saw how we toss the cabers and said, tha’ there is a god among men, ye ken?  $14 million!

Take tha’, cousin Imwats-Up!

Can I offer ye some haggis?  Nae?  More fer me.

Third place was that Kung Fu Panda.  I say we hand it to the wee beastie.  All tha’ exercise and he still keeps a healthy figure like ye’s truly!  $9 million to tha’ one.

Fourth place is Risen, which is all religious and such.  $7 million there, and ye ken tha’ ye can always make a fast buck off spiritual stuff, or my name is nae Angus MacWatson!

And then there’s Eddie the Eagle, but he’s English, so who gives a foo-

I think we’ll end the report right here.

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