Simpsons Did It!: “Homer Vs. Lisa And The 8th Commandment”


Oh look…Preachy Lisa is here.

Actually, this episode is pretty good.  Taking the sort of look into theft, casual and otherwise, the episode demonstrates how much of it goes on all over.  Though, as an aside, I was raised Catholic, and was taught the Ten Commandments in a different order, so to speak, so I was actually taught that “Thou Shalt Not Steal” was the seventh commandment, not the eighth.  Oh well.

First, we cut to ancient times when Moses read off the Ten Commandments in no particular order and put a number of the Children of Israel out of work.  That included Homer the Thief since he wasn’t allowed to steal anymore.

Cut to the present, and a brand new Homer the Thief is looking to get free cable.

But Homer is hardly the only one taking what doesn’t belong to him in Springfield.  Besides the unnamed Cable Guy, we see Marge downing a pair of grapes in the supermarket, Jimbo Jones slipping all kinds of things into his large coat, and Homer’s collection of stuff from places he shouldn’t take stuff from.  The local cops don’t care that Homer has an illegal hook-up so long as they can see the big boxing match.

Heck, Bart isn’t stealing, but he is breaking rules to show porno flicks to all the boys in town.

I find it interesting what makes the different Simpsons change their minds about the cable.  Lisa has a somewhat frightening vision of the devil wanting to take her to Hell.  When it finally gets through to Homer, he’s afraid of prison time.  Homer’s not much concerned with the next life so much as being separated from his family in this one.

Bart, meanwhile, was told to stop swearing since he was no longer in Sunday School.  Oh Bart…

But is there any better way to show how much cable really wasn’t that great when we consider that the first show Homer seems to light upon is, of all things, an infomercial with Troy McClure and Dr. Nick Riviera?  I think I remember Troy from such bad ideas as stealing cable…

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