Simpsons Did It!: “Blood Feud”


Man, I’m getting tired of season two.  How much more…

This is the last one for season two?  Never mind.

Does anyone besides Smithers love Mr. Burns?  Um, no.

Still, when he comes down with a rare disease where his body runs out of blood, we learn even Mother Nature hates Mr. Burns by saddling him with a rare blood type, the type even Smithers can’t save him with.

Who does have this rare blood type?  Well, someone else in Springfield with a noted evil side, namely Bart.

And Homer figures he should get a huge reward for saving the old bazillionaire.

But this is Mr. Burns we’re talking about.  He gives out thank you cards.  Empty thank you cards.  One angry letter from Homer should do the trick…but sensible Marge talks him out of it.  Given Mr. Burns’ tendency towards retribution, this is a good thing.  Homer sleeps off his anger, almost eating his own pillow while having what looked like a very pleasant pancake dream, but Bart will send the letter and Homer’s various plots to either destroy or retrieve the letter before Burns can see it amount to nothing.

The only thing that saves Homer is Smithers being a decent sort, or at least figuring that the Simpsons deserve a reward for what they did.  I mean, they took a lot of blood out of a kid.  Blood that apparently rejuvenates Mr. Burns to levels we rarely see.  So, Burns does get the family a reward that Bart and Bart alone loves.

The giant Olmec head will be seen frequently in the Simpson basement.  How the family got it down there, we’ll never know.  There’s no lesson here.  Bart got something he alone liked for donating blood, but then only because Homer wrote an angry letter.  It was just a bunch of stuff that happened.

Oh, and in a reoccurring subplot, Lisa is teaching Maggie very large words.  Those crazy Simpson women…

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