Nerdwriter On Pan’s Labyrinth


It’s time for some heady thoughts.  YouTube personality Nerdwriter took a look at Pan’s Labyrinth and saw it as a, in his words, disobedient fairy tale.

How does that work?  See his explanation after the cut, though as with all of his videos, the last thirty seconds are appeals for donations and joining his channel or the stuff that goes at the end of a lot of YouTube videos these days.

2 thoughts on “Nerdwriter On Pan’s Labyrinth”

  1. A colleague at the college where I teach told me that this was an excellent example of a modern fairy tale. Since he taught some classes in Germanic Folklore and Greco Roman mythology, and since he was not easily impressed, this was high praise indeed. I remember my brother saying that during filming he was aware that they were making real art, and he was very proud to have been involved in this effort. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you.


    1. Hey, thank Nerdwriter for this. I just found it.

      But yeah, I run a movie club at my school, and the students requested Pan’s Labyrinth for Halloween. I broke my rule against foreign films for that and was glad to do it. Nothing against foreign language movies, but a colleague of mine used to do the foreign language ones and I just don’t out of habit, but this was an easy choice. I got a good sized crowd for a Friday night, too. It’s a great movie.

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