Simpsons Did It!: “Lisa The Greek”


Tide comes in:  Lisa and Homer fail to bond due to Homer’s insensitivity.

Tide goes out:  the two fix the relationship somehow.

Yes, in an attempt to bond with her father by following one of his interests, Lisa reveals a gift for picking football winners.  For a guy who likes to bet on games, this is a godsend.  Homer is soon making tons of what the kids call bank these days betting with Moe, an activity Marge certainly does not approve of.

She even promised she would get mad.  Homer should know better than that by now.

In a nice side plot, Marge takes Bart clothes shopping.  Just about every guy out there probably knows exactly what Bart is going through, and Marge is more right than she knows when she says that anyone who would beat you up for the clothes you wear is not your friend.

How did Bart ever get out of the family car?

After weeks of Homer winning money and bonding with Lisa over something he calls “Daddy-Daughter Day,” that big bald goober will of course screw it up when he makes plans for a Sunday after the Superbowl.

Nice effect, by the by, that the episode in question really did predict the Superbowl winner that year.  They knew the teams playing and apparently just took a shot in the dark.  How nice for them.

Homer’s final bet is to see if Lisa loves him.  She does.  Then they go climb a mountain.

It’s always good to see Homer learn a lesson.  You know, if it weren’t for the fact he will need to continue to learn this lesson over and over again for the next quarter of a century.

Huh.  Maybe Lisa’s the one who needs to learn that lesson…

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