Spoilers After The Break: The Walking Dead #153 Review


Is it any coincidence that three days after Negan makes his long awaited debut on The Walking Dead TV show that he gets his groove back in The Walking Dead #153?  Possibly.  But knowing how meticulous Robert Kirkman is with his fingers in so many pies, I doubt it.  Some thoughts and spoilers about this issue after the break.

If you are a fan of Negan than this one has it all.  The main man himself, his leather jacket, Lucille…him being a sadistic dick and killing the person that broke him out of jail without a second thought.  Yup, good old Negan is back.  And he’s on his way to team up with the current “big bad” of the series, The Whisperers.

If you haven’t been reading the book (and why not?  And why are you reading this review?  I appreciate it.  I need all the page views I can get to stay in the Gabbing Geek good graces.  But go catch up on Walking Dead and come back.) The Whisperers have taken the tactic of smearing yourself with walker guts to become undetectable to the flesh eaters to a new level.  Instead of covering themselves or their clothes temporally in walker insides, they scoop the insides out and wear the flesh like suits.  Or at minimum at least, wear their faces/heads as masks.  Man, how gross must that be?

But is Negan going to join the Whisperers?  This is Negan.  And he states that getting the Whisperers and Rick’s crew to fight each other to the death was jailbreak accomplice Brandon’s plan and not his.  I’m sure Negan has his own designs, that likely include attempting to seize power of the Whisperers, or at least manipulate them in some more elaborate way.  In either case, this is all bad news for Rick.

Between the pages directly involving Negan and those featuring Rick, Michonne and Aaron making and executing plans to search for Negan, there’s not a lot to get excited about.  Dwight brandishes Lucille against some walkers as he tries to make it a symbol of good instead of leaving it to fall into someone’s hands to continue its cranium smashing ways.  And Rick has to deal with the consequences of pushing his group to train and be able to defend themselves and the obvious mistrust and paranoia that comes with the territory.

There is also more with Eugene and his contact with an unknown group via the ham radio.  Ryan is a tad more excited about this development than I am, but hopefully it is leading somewhere.  Well, I am sure it is leading “somewhere” but how long before the payoff?  You have to think that any revelations about the whereabouts and intentions of this other group will somehow be tied to whatever Negan and the Whisperers get up to.  It’s hard to imagine this going anywhere good, as things during the zombie apocalypse rarely do.

With likely a half dozen issues between now and the season 7 premier of the show, I think we’ll have many of these questions answered before people can stop crying about the season 6 cliffhanger.

5 thoughts on “Spoilers After The Break: The Walking Dead #153 Review”

  1. This was an awesome issue. But I thought Dwight’s speech about redeeming Lucille was a bit much. I’m fully expecting it to kill Negan at some point, just not sure when.


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