Simpsons Did It!: “Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?”


For Homer Simpson, sterility may have been a gift that kept on giving.

Homer didn’t know he was sterile near as I can make out, but it sure had plenty of fringe benefits.

Yes, at the annual power plant physical, where Homer fortunately remembered to wear his underpants, Mr. Burns learns the employee whose name he never remembers is shooting blanks.  Convinced by Smithers that this could lead to a damaging lawsuit, and by his lawyers that Mr. Burns should use a small cash payoff to prevent said lawsuit, Burns invites Homer to talk and offers him two grand.

That’s not quite enough for Homer, who wants to know why.

Good news for Homer:  he’s just won the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence!

Plus, the money, which will come in handy since Bart wrecked the couch, a place where Homer has many fond memories of watching memorable stuff on TV, like the fall of the Berlin Wall for about a second, or Hands Across America while it goes through his living room.

And he gets to meet Joe Frazier!

Barney meets Smokin’ Joe, too…and gets his head handed to him in an alley fight.

But sudden influxes of money means long lost relatives looking for hand outs also come out of the woodwork, which leads to the dramatic return of the Danny Devito-voiced Herb Powell!

Herb’s not just some freeloader, though.  He has plans.  He wants to get off the streets and be rich again, because in America, all you need is an idea.

Oh, and money for a prototype.  And, as it turns out, a willing accomplish in the form of Maggie.

Though Herb seems inclined to punch Homer in the face, Homer does loan Herb the money, particularly so he can have Herb’s forgiveness, or at least the drinking bird.

Herb then successfully builds a baby translator.  You know, that’s a brilliant invention.  Why is it that it is never heard of again?  Particularly since it makes Herb rich enough to buy gifts for all the Simpsons, though all Maggie wanted was whatever the dog was eating.

Herb forgives Homer.  Homer gets his money, the vibrating chair, a meeting with a heavyweight champ, his brother’s love, and the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence, even if that award may be the biggest sham outside the Emmys.

And all it took was radiation-bourne sterility!

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