Simpsons Did It!: “Homer The Heretic”


Over Easter weekend, I learned my nephew has also decided to watch this show from the beginning.  He’s not doing write ups, but like his father and uncle (the uncle being me), he has taken to quoting the show.  He’s 9, so he’s amused by different things.

Why bring this up?  He was quoting this episode.

After dreaming of another day swimming naked in the womb, Homer is awoken to go to church.  He never wants to go, and it is very cold outside.

Funny thing, the next time Homer skips church, it doesn’t seem to be winter anymore outside.

Anyway, Homer doesn’t go and has the best day of his life.  Marge takes the kids and arguably has the worst day of hers.  Hakuna matata.

The end result is Homer decides to never go to church again.  Hey, if you could stay home and have Homer’s moon waffles and not even have to worry about clean-up, would you go?

Well, Marge won’t sit for this, and she tries everything she can think of to get Homer back to church.  So do the Flanders family.  Cripes, those people can be creepy.  Homer can escape their Christian folk music, but he has to go to garbage island to do it.

Homer doesn’t see the problem.  God Himself told Homer it was OK, and He has five fingers, so you know He is special.  Plus, Homer feels Marge always takes the sides of other people, like God or Flanders or the water department.  It would take a miracle to change his mind.

Or, you know, a fire.

After being rescued by a Christian (Ned), a Jew (Krusty), and what Rev. Lovejoy refers to as miscellaneous (Apu), Homer goes back to church to catch up on his sleep there.

Say, if Homer was skipping church, why the heck was Ned Flanders home to rescue him from the fire?

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