Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror III”


Three Halloween specials later, and Homer has replaced Marge as the character to warn parents that the show might be too scary for kids.  Then he taunts the viewers.

Also, no treehouses appearing this episode, but scary joke versions of the names of all the people who work on the show are another story.

The framing device this time around is a Halloween party at the Simpson house, where Bart is dressed as the least age-appropriate but most character-appropriate costume possible.  Does this mean Bart has seen A Clockwork Orange?  I do not know.

So, everyone settles down to tell scary stories after Homer has ruined a spooky game.  First up from Lisa is a murderous Krusty doll Homer gave Bart for his birthday.  True, it isn’t as cool as a microphone you can use to speak through any radio, but what are you gonna do?

Homer really jumped through some hoops to get that doll, too.  It came with a terrible curse (that’s bad), but it also came with a free frogurt (that’s good).  True, the frogurt was likewise cursed (bad), but Homer had his choice of toppings (good).  But the toppings had potassium benzoate (apparently bad).

But how bad was the doll when it wasn’t trying to kill Homer or make time with Lisa’s Malibu Stacy?  Not very.  Someone just needed to flip the switch from evil.  People should really check those things.

Grandpa then retold King Kong since he really hasn’t led an interesting life.  Homer was the big ape.  And he ate some people.  Finally, a Halloween show with a body count!  Smithers was also most astute as to the compatibility of women and seamen.

This version ends more happily for the ape.  He doesn’t die.  He can barely climb past the third story of a skyscraper.  He marries Marge (um, what?) and has a novel solution for what to do about unwanted in-laws.

Bart came last with a zombie story that, for some reason, got a lot of laughs from Kang and Kodos.  Those guys are the worst.

After Bart and Lisa accidentally raise zombies while trying to just raise the cat they lost, Homer finally lives the dream of killing Ned Flanders.  The fact Homer was oblivious to Flanders’ zombie state is immaterial.

Once the zombies are dealt with, the Simpsons can go back to being couch potatoes.

And that was the end of Zombie Shakespeare.


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