Geek Bets


Every once in a while the Gabbing Geek podcasters like to bet each other over geeky things.  Here’s where we can record the bets, the stakes, and the winners.

Pending Bets:

Bet: That the standalone Spider-Man movie will be part of the MCU by referencing MCU facts/events or including a character from the MCU.  Watson says yes.  Stakes: Lunch.

Bet: That Luke Skywalker dies in Episode VII.  Ryan says he bites it, Watson says he lives.  Stakes: Coffee.

Bet: The first MCU film to open with a rotten (sub 60%) RT score will make over $200M (Ryan says yes). Stakes: Lunch.

Bet: That Jurassic World will not be in the top 10 films, US domestic gross, for 2015. Ryan says no, Watson says yes. Stakes: Lunch.

Bet: That at least 4 episodes of Lucifer will actually be shown on air.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no. Stakes: Coffee.

Bet: That Steven Spielberg will actually direct Ready Player One.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Stakes: Lunch.

Bet: That Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine in a principle role after the third standalone Wolverine film.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Watson wins if Hugh Jackman dies. (Watson: That makes me sad.  Ryan: It should.)  Stakes: Coffee.

Bet: Colin Trevorrow will not actually direct Episode IX.  Ryan says he’ll have something come up, Watson says he’ll direct it.  Stakes: Coffee.

Bet: The Martian will make over $290M at the domestic box office.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Stakes: Lunch.  (Second bet: Martian outgrosses Gravity.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Coffee bet)


Completed Bets:

Bet: That in the new Fantastic Four movie, the foursome get their powers without going to space.  Ryan says no to space, Jenny says they still go to space.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Age of Ultron will make $10 million the weekend Ant-Man comes out (Ryan says yes, Watson says no). Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson.

Bet: That Jenny would see Interstellar at least twice before Ryan saw it once.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Les Mis would make more than Moulin Rouge.  Ryan said yes.  Stakes: Lunch.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Guardians of the Galaxy would score over 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Ryan said yes.  Watson said no. It scored 91%.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Furious 7 will score lower than 82% on Rotten Tomatoes (Watson).  Ryan has the over.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Paul Blart 2 will score lower than 30% on Rotten Tomatoes (Watson).  Ryan has the over.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Watson.

Bet: That Avengers Age of Ultron will make less than $210M on opening weekend (Ryan). Watson has the over.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That Avengers Age of Ultron will score higher than 90% on Rotten Tomatoes (Watson).  Ryan has the under.  Stakes: Coffee. Winner: Ryan.

Bet: That the individual holding the red lightsaber from the teaser trailer is Adam Driver (Watson & Jenny) or anyone else (Ryan).  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Everyone in the bet whose name was not Ryan.

Bet: The second weekend of Jurassic World will decline more than 59% for domestic box office take.  Ryan says yes, Watson says no.  Stakes: Coffee.  Winner: Watson.


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