Terminate Getting Lost Ever Again

Apple Maps works great for getting me around.  I suppose Google Maps works well too.  My favorite navigation app is Waze.  A company based out of Israel that uses crowd sourcing to let me know about upcoming traffic jams, hidden police officers and other driving hazards.

Waze just stepped up the fun factor by doing a tie-in with the upcoming Terminator Genesis movie due out July 1st.  As reported by USA Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger spent over an hour in a recording studio recording voice over work for the app.  You can read all about it here and download Waze right here  I can’t wait to get the Waze update and make my commutes a bit more fun.  How about you?

New On Netflix For June

Netflix is the smorgasbord of media.  But sometimes things go bad and have to be replaced.  Here is a list of the biggest movies/tv shows coming to Netflix in June.  The most important one for us Geeks is that on June 11th, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is coming!  June will also bring the latest Transformers movie.  We will be losing some classic media as well.  Check out the complete list by date here and let me know what you’re going to binge watch one more time before it’s to late.

Daily Movie Deals? Oh Yeah!

Fox Digital Entertainment released the app “Movie of the Day” today as a free download in the itunes store.  The app highlights one Fox movie that is on sale for 1/2 off for the next 24 hours.  They are starting the sale off right for the Geek in all of us by showcasing  X-Men: First Class, available for $7 instead of $15!

You can download the app here, and full app description is below the break.

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Redneck Avengers Are Here To Save Your Day


redneckavengersWith all the bad weather and devastation happening in the southern United States, I have a feeling the only ones up to saving us are the Redneck Avengers.  Check out this Bad Lip Reading of the Avengers after the break.  Do you think the world is safe in their hands? Continue reading Redneck Avengers Are Here To Save Your Day

ILM Makes Movie Soup

Industrial Light and Magic turned 40 last week.  And like most 40 years old, they decided to tell the world how great they are!  They  made a video mash up of a lot of their greatest works.  Take a look at the video after the break and let me know if you can name all of the movies Continue reading ILM Makes Movie Soup

The Truth Is Out There… And They Are Going To Find It This Time

x-files-david-duchovnyFox announced that Mulder & Scully are coming back.  For all you X-files fans, you get 6 more episodes starting Jan 24th. Why Jan 24th for a stating date?  Because it’s on right after the NFC Championship game!  That’s a lead in show of 49 million viewers! The 2nd episode will follow the next evening, so 2 nights in a row of our favorite investigators of the paranormal.   All the details can be find here.  Take a look and let me know, are you interested to see them again, or are you going to check them out for the first time?

The Most Groan Inducing Superhero Ever


I like a good pun.  I think Piers Anthony the science fiction and fantasy writer is the master of them.  His Xanth series of 39 books and growing are filled with them.  I highly suggest you check out his work if you haven’t read any of his stuff.   This video of groaners is when a Xanth fan thinks the Punisher is really the PUNisher.  You have been warned…

This is bad, very bad.  Almost DC comics worthy bad.

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Superheroes Ride Bikes?


I love bicycles and I love comic books but I’m not sure I love them together.  Even the best writers get writers block sometimes.  This became all too evident after reading this article about superheroes who ride bikes.  If my superheroes want to go “green,” let’s keep them nuclear powered please.

Is This The Phone Case Of All Cases?

phonecaseIs this Kickstarter project the phone case of all cases?  I’m not holding my breath on delivery, but do you think this has potential?  Speakers, flashlight, SD card reader, even a breathalyzer.  Would you get this for $89?