Geek Lit: Morning Star (Again)


So, Ryan has already reviewed Pierce Brown’s Morning Star.  Now, while Gabbing Geek Enterprises, a division of a much larger entertainment conglomerate (not really) would prefer not to have repetitive content…here’s some repetitive content in the form of my review of the self-same book.

SPOILERS after the cut.

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More Red Rising Is On The Way!!

"No...there is another..."
“No…there is another…”

Amazing, fantastic, awesome news for all Red Rising fans!  Pierce Brown has just confirmed to USA Today that his next trilogy will build on the world set up in the Red Rising trilogy.  Currently titled Iron Gold, the first book in the new series is coming…oh…NEXT YEAR!!!  Thank you, Pierce Brown.  You are a treasure and a hero and you’re showing other authors how to do this writing stuff right!

The One Flaw In Morning Star And How I Would Have Fixed It

rrseriesMorning Star was an amazing conclusion to the epic Red Rising series.  And while there are parts I liked more and didn’t like as much as previous books, I still gave it a perfect score in the end.  Because books can have flaws and still deliver an amazing story.  But there is one part of Morning Star that really stuck with me as being a mistake and I can only discuss it while spoiling some things.  So this is your warning.  [WARNING: AFTER THE BREAK WE’VE GOT SOME MAJOR MORNING STAR SPOILERS SO GO READ THE BOOK ALREADY AND THEN COME BACK.] Continue reading The One Flaw In Morning Star And How I Would Have Fixed It

Review: Morning Star (Spoiler-Free)

rrseriesThe final book of the Red Rising series was released last week and for the first time in the trilogy I did not make it through the book in a day or two.  I found myself dragging my feet, both propelled forward to find out what happens next and also unwilling to see it all end.  Because it is all good.  So good.  And to have a series be this good and deliver on its promise is rare.  But I did finish, as these things must.  So jump after the break to read my spoiler-free thoughts on the conclusion of this epic tale.

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Win An Early Copy Of Morning Star!

morningstar2Would you like an early copy of Morning Star, the conclusion of the Red Rising trilogy?  Heck yeah you would!  And would you like it signed by Pierce Brown himself?!?  Well then just head over to this link for the full rules on how to enter the official contest to win the book ahead of everyone else.  Not only can you gloat as a big winner but you can totally lord it over everyone else that you’ll know how it ends before us norms.

And when you win, be sure to thank Gabbing Geek so we can get the restraining order lifted some credit for helping.

Read The First Three Chapters Of Morning Star Now!

morning-star_612x931Pierce Brown promised that if Golden Son won the Goodreads Best New Science Fiction award he would post the first three chapters of Morning Star.  Now that Golden Son has nabbed the award, he’s made good on the promise by posting the chapters over on his website.  Head on over there now for a quick taste of what Darrow’s been going through for the past year (literally) and then we can all live in the torture of waiting the almost two months until all of Morning Star is released.

Want To Read The First Three Chapters of Morning Star (Red Rising Book 3)? You Can…With A Catch

goldensonMorning Star will be published in February, 2016 but if you’re longing for a fix and want to read the first three chapters then author Pierce Brown will let you.  Provided that Golden Son wins the Goodreads Best Science Fiction award for 2015.  Pierce posted the tempting offer–a win for chapter leaks–on his Facebook page today and you have until November 23 to cast your vote.  If you already voted in earlier rounds those votes don’t count so head over to Goodreads immediately, cast your vote, and get everyone else to vote for it as well.  Because February is a lifetime and a Star Wars movie away.

Morning Star Set To Conclude Red Rising Series In February 2016

morningstarPierce Brown took to social media on Tuesday to show a picture of the completed manuscript for Morning Star, the conclusion to the epic Red Rising science fiction series.  He also revealed that the book will be released in February–a bittersweet announcement since the book was originally delayed to spring 2016 but then moved back to January.  This slight delay is still better than the original gap, we’re just all excited to read the conclusion to the series that hasn’t disappointed.  There’s still time for you to read Red Rising and Golden Son to catch up so start now!  Oh and he’s also coming to Austin and a few other cities for a book tour in February 2016 so expect our own Jenny to add him to the #jenny30 ask some questions about one of our favorite book series soon!

Pierce Brown Talks Red Rising With Gabbing Geek (And Now He Knows It Too)

morningstarWhile our efforts to land an interview with Red Rising author Pierce Brown have been unsuccessful and that pesky court order kept me from coming within 100 yards of the Texas Teen Book Festival this past weekend (don’t ask), Mr Brown did conduct an AMA on Reddit today and answered two of Gabbing Geek’s questions.  Find out the answers and other interesting tidbits after the break!

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Podcast Reaction: Yippee Ki-Yay Mister Falcon Edition


On this week’s podcast, listener Wachnroll asked via Geek Mail an innocent enough question.  When the podcast bleeps out bad language, is it just for comedic effect or did one of our beloved podcasters turn a blue phrase?

Watson had the answer which I will reveal after the break…

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