Gangsta Hobbits


Let’s face it:  The Hobbit movies weren’t very good.

You know what might make them better?  How about some guns and a rap battle?

Well, maybe not, but the YouTube guys known as PistolShrimps edited the movies to add that sort of stuff.  Does it work?  You decide!  Some NSFW language in the video after the cut.

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Peter Jackson on The Hobbit, “I Was Just Making It Up As I Went Along. I Didn’t Know What The Hell I Was Doing.”


The video after the cut has been making the rounds lately that gives some insight into why The Hobbit movies are a bloated mess.  (In some opinions, I didn’t think they were so bad.  No LOTR, but enjoyable.)

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Honest Trailers: The Hobbit Edition


After the cut, feast your eyes on the Honest Trailers for the three Hobbit films.  Should there be three Hobbit films?  Probably not.  What answer would you give to Mr. Fry above?

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Cover Yourself Up After Second Breakfast With This Middle Earth Blanket


Did you know that there is a Hobbit Shop? A WHOLE SHOP FOR HOBBITS? Actually, it’s a whole shop for man-kind featuring lovely Lord Of The Rings & Hobbit like items! I just love this Middle Earth blanket that would probably look amazing in my living room. But I’m pretty sure that if I bring home one more piece of memorabilia from the Lord Of The Rings, that I’ll be thrown out of the house. But good people – you can do it for me! Do it for the Hobbits, do it for man-kind!

Gabbing Geek 22: Box Office Bombshells


What happens when Jenny is on special assignment, leaving just Watson and Ryan to record Episode 22?  That’s right—WE’RE GEEKING OUT ON BOX OFFICE NUMBERS!  This episode, Box Office Bombshells, starts with our GNOW (Geekiest News of the Week) on the record-breaking performance of American Sniper.  We both review the movie and couldn’t be farther apart in terms of ratings.

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Gets An Honest Trailer

Oh boy…. We will let you drink this up and you can tell us what you think.