Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Sansa Stark


Winter is coming, and it’s in the form of Sansa Stark in her Dark Raven outfit! We just love what MagicMoon114 has done with this cosplay – and don’t let that smirk fool you, this little stark is nothing to be trifled with.

Tropebusting! One Thing I Dig About The Song Of Ice And Fire


My wife is, as I have often said, not a Geek.  She doesn’t like superheroes, Star Wars, science fiction, or a host of other things that routinely appear on this site.  She has two exceptions.  One is YA distopias.  We always go see a new Hunger Games movie.  Actually, that’s the only one she’s really interested in.  She watched The Maze Runner but wasn’t overly impressed.

Her other, bigger weakness is high fantasy.  If it’s based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, she’ll be there.  She loves Harry Potter.  And, though it took me a lot of effort to convince her to give it a shot, she goes for Game of Thrones in a big way.  Why did it take me so long to get her into that one?  Well, I had to sell it for what it was:  the opposite of Tolkien, and in a good way.

Explanations and SPOILERS after the cut.

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Game of Thrones Infographics! (Spoilers Probably)


Our infographics are always a big hit.  Same with Game of Thrones.  Give the people what they want!  Game of Thrones Infographics.

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Daenerys Targaryen



“All men must die….but we are not men.” Damn right Mother of Dragons, damn right! I won’t waste my breath or your time – just skip to the break to see more of Mathi Cosplay, these pictures are stunning! Photography: Beautifoto Montreal Wedding Photography &  Lexa One Photographie. Margaery Tyrell: YunaDaKilla Cosplay

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Infographic Wars! The Badass Score Of 30 Fictional Weapons

4711898-fictional-weapons1Ever wonder what was more badass, Cap’s shield or Wolverine’s claws?  A light saber or a wizard’s wand?  The bride’s sword or Zelda’s, uh, sword.  Find out on the infographic after the break.


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Cage Of Thrones: Because You Aren’t Angry Enough


Feast your eyes on all that Cageness.  And if you’re ready to see more Nicholas Cage heads shopped onto Game of Thrones characters, then head over here. But brace yourself.  Cage is coming.  Ew.

15 Unsolved Mysteries From A Song Of Ice And Fire



The recent season finale for HBO’s Game of Thrones did its usual job of shocking viewers who maybe thought they had the whole thing figured out.  By this point, even book readers are likely to be a little shocked since the show has more or less used up all the material George R.R. Martin had published officially to date, with changes made and some characters (Lady Stoneheart for example) being completely omited.

But Martin has said there are two more novels to come, and while The Winds of Winter may be finished next year (or it may not), the books do have a number of unsolved mysteries left to be explored.

After the cut, I’m going to write up 15 unsolved mysteries from the novel series.  I’m not ranking them.  That’s for other people.  The list is no doubt not exhaustive either.

Obviously, there are MAJOR SPOILERS below the cut, and some of the mysteries listed may be true for the show as well.  You’ve been warned.

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The Unbreakable Game Of Thrones


A little while back I wrote in my “Non-Geek TV Reviews From The Geek Perspective” a review for the Netflix comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  One of the highlights of that series was when Kimmy’s roommate Titus Andromedon made a music video for a song he wrote himself called “Peeno Noir:  an ode to black penis”.  It mostly consisted of Titus throwing together whatever words he could think of to force into a rhyme.  You can listen to that little earworm here.

However, some enterprising folks decided that Game of Thrones needed its own version of that song using everybody’s favorite Faceless Man Jaqan H’ghar.  It’s a parody (obviously) and you can see it after the cut.  Enjoy.

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Game Of Thrones Season Six Predictions


Season five for Game of Thrones ended on HBO last night.  My wife and I watched and she declared for all the world to see on Facebook that she had not been this upset by the show since Season 1, Episode 9.

Seriously, my wife almost stopped watching at that point.

For myself, I read the books and more or less knew what was coming.  But aside from some Iron Islands stuff and a bit more of Arya in Braavos, there isn’t much left for even book readers to feel smug about seeing coming for the uninitiated (red wedding anyone?).  Besides, major changes were made this year the instant Sansa turned up in at a certain northern location.

Does that count as a SPOILER?  I don’t think so.  There may be more after the cut where I make my predictions for next year.

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ICYMI-Why George R R Martin Sucks

I'm not falling for your pinchable face anymore you evil bastard.
I’m not falling for your pinchable face anymore you evil bastard.

Hi George.  Can I call you George?  No?  Cool.  George it is.

I’m here to tell you why you suck.  Doubtless you’ve heard it before, but you’ve never heard it from me.  Because I’ve been a huge supporter and a fan.  Not as long as others, for sure.  Long enough. Continue reading ICYMI-Why George R R Martin Sucks