Alex Luthor Gives Us The Trailers We Always Wanted But Were Afraid To Ask

These epic trailers were too cool not to share.

Star Wars vs Star Trek

Star Wars vs DC Marvel

Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Medieval Darth “Lord Vader”


Nothing is more intimidating than Darth Vader in medieval times. Not only do you have Vader’s ability to use the force (which would be looked upon as sorcery) you have his size and strength to crush an annihilate even the most brave of King Arthur’s court. Thanks to Samuel Lee of Prince Armory, we have a stunning mashup of legends of old with legends from a galaxy far far away. See more awesome pics (and a video) after the break.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ House Parody Banners


If you’re like me you’ve only ever seen one episode of Game of Thrones you love Game of Thrones!  Game of Thrones is the best!  Rah rah Game of Thrones!  Yeah!

In either case, you’ll appreciate these Game of Thrones style banners for some of our favorite geeks and characters.  I’ve included a couple of my favorites, but be sure to check them all out. Continue reading ‘Game Of Thrones’ House Parody Banners

Close Encounters Of The Muppet Kind





These are real photos, not Photoshop, taken from the set of The Empire Strikes Back.  Sit back and try to figure out what they might have to say to each other.  I think the middle one shows Yoda agreeing that easy being green it is not.

Will Star Wars Battlefront Drop in 2015?


When Disney absorbed Lucas’s Empire (heh), they shuttered Lucasgames and we felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if unemployed programmers suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.  The Mouse rolled those responsibilities into Disney’s gaming division; which is common in mergers and acquisitions.  Nothing worse than redundancy besides calling human beings redundancies…

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Andy Fairhurst: Geek Artist Extraordinaire

Look at this and tell me your heart isn't beating faster.
Look at this and tell me your heart isn’t beating faster.

Geek + art = magic.  And there’s no better example of this then Andy Fairhurst.  His clever approach to taking a new angle on geek properties is beyond amazing.  Check out his full website here (be sure to check Gallery > Posters for all the awesome movieness) and check the most mind-blowing Back to the Future prints you’ve ever seen after the break.

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Gabbing Geek Poll: YOUR Most Anticipated Movie of 2015

episdoe 7

We’ve talked a lot about the amazing slate of films set for 2015.  It should be a record setting year as we Geeks continue our ascendancy!

What are you itching to see?