Ant-Man, Reed Richards And Brainiac Walk Into A Bar…Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One…


This weeks collection of new comics is a little light (on Jimmy interested things anyway) but I managed to pull together some (mostly spoiler free) thoughts on three of them.  One that I haven’t read yet but am looking forward to is Superman – Earth One, Vol. 3.  The Earth One line from DC are very oversized graphic novels that take a kind of Marvel Ultimate Universe spin on DCs top dogs.  I haven’t read the Teen Titans volume (sorry Watson), but I would recommend picking up the first two Superman volumes and Batman Vol. 1.

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Your Weekly Update On All Things Multiverse (Or Are Secret Wars And Convergence Out Yet?)



As we trek ever closer to the big 2015 events for Marvel and DC (editor’s note: do not call them reboots!), more and more pieces are falling into place and coming into focus.

Up first, CBR has released a nicely compiled Guide to Understanding DC Comics’ Convergence. Including background on the three main time periods that the event will be revisting: Crisis, Zero Hour and Flashpoint. DC has set up each week of this event to focus on one of those time periods so you can pick your favorite and roll with it. They finish by touching on what everyone is wondering…what happens after this event? Is it a reboot (editor’s note: hey!  What did I just tell you!?!) or is it back to status quo of the New 52?

Switching over to Marvel, they started filling in some of the blanks on their Secret Wars Battleworld Interactive Map.  (The map is very cool.  Be sure to click through to it.)

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‘Game Of Thrones’ House Parody Banners


If you’re like me you’ve only ever seen one episode of Game of Thrones you love Game of Thrones!  Game of Thrones is the best!  Rah rah Game of Thrones!  Yeah!

In either case, you’ll appreciate these Game of Thrones style banners for some of our favorite geeks and characters.  I’ve included a couple of my favorites, but be sure to check them all out. Continue reading ‘Game Of Thrones’ House Parody Banners

New Batman Cartoon Intended to Sell Toys….Just Like Other Batman Cartoons!



DC is coming off a disappointing Aquaman DVD but they have a new product destined to take my money when the kiddos hear about it.

Two toy lines based on DC Comics’ Justice League characters are being brought to life through animated movies and short films.

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts” will debut May 12, as a direct-to-homevideo animated movie that features Batman, the Flash, Red Robin, Nightwing and Green Arrow as they face off against super villain the Penguin, while introducing cyber animals as new foes. A sequel film will be released around the second half of 2015.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release the “Batman Unlimited” films on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. In addition, WB will also produce 22 two-minute shorts around the “Batman Unlimited” toys, making them available for free on a variety of digital platforms, while a companion app also will provide young fans with access to content.

They HAD to put Nightwing and Red Robin in it.  I could have talked the boys off this cash grab otherwise.  But my boys love them some Batman Family…

Source:  Variety

The Beyonders Back And There’s Gonna Be Trouble (Hey-la, Hey-la, Beyonders Back)



Sharing my (mostly spoiler free) thoughts on a couple of this weeks new comic releases because if I don’t make my quota for posts for the week I’m contractually obligated to wash Watson’s car over the weekend.

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Fox Getting In The Game With Live-Action X-Men


With successful shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham on the rise, it’s no wonder that Fox is chomping at the bit to get into the game and cash in on the popularity that are Superheroes on TV. And without further adieu, we bring you a live action X-Men that’s about to join the gambit of shows already slated. Gambit. Heh-heh!

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8 Super Heroes Psychoanalyzed By You And Your Psychologist


You think you know Superman? You think just because you read some comics and watched some movies that you know Clark Kent? You suppose that since you’ve seen 7 different Batmen, that you can pick one out of a crowd? Want to test your ability to psycho analyze? Well step right up – and compare your abilities to the best psychologists out there.

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No, Joker. You’re Playing The Wrong Game. The Old Game. Tonight We’re Playing Corporate Synergy.


I better get the mop because Watson’s head is about to explode. Take his favorite upcoming super hero movie (ok, second favorite, sorry Aquaman) and mash it with his favorite all time movie (The Dark Knight) and we get a rumored Batffleck cameo in Suicide Squad to set up an as yet announced Batman vs. Joker film.

I love that Batsoup and this potential film are taking cues from the exceptional Batman: The Dark Knight Returns graphic novels, but I do wonder about shooting themselves in the foot down the road with this aged and weary Batman.

Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn. Others Just Look Great In Purple With A Large Red Dome On Their Heads.

"Definitely the last I'll ever see of that guy." - Batman
“Definitely the last I’ll ever see of that guy.” – Batman

The Red Hood is coming to Gotham, but is he the Joker? Gotham producers are promising a shocking season finale and the appearance of another character steeped in Bat-Lore. Specific details about which Red Hood we will see are not provided. Will this play into the long standing believed origin of the Joker starting his career as the Red Hood? Or will it simply be the Red Hood Gang? One thing I’m pretty sure of, it won’t be Jason Todd (the former Robin and current Red Hood in most incarnations of the DCU). Though Gotham has turned a lot of the Bat-mythos on it’s ear, so who knows.

Cast Announced For New Batman v. Robin Animated Film


Apparently Batman is in a “versus” mood.  We knew he didn’t play well with others, but we thought his rivalry in the versus department would start and stop with the Man of Steel in the movie theater.  Now he’s versing poor ol’ Robin!

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