Simpsons Did It!: “Homer’s Triple Bypass”


Despite appearances, Homer Simpsons is only supposed to be 36 or so years old.  The baldness doesn’t help people remember that.

Neither does this episode, where he needs bypass surgery.

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Simpsons Did It!: “Lisa’s First Word”


What’s the best way to treat a major guest star like Elizabeth Taylor?

Give her a single word at the end of an episode that came out of a baby’s mouth.

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Simpsons Did It!: “Mr. Plow”


Simpsons fans just know this episode.

Do they know that the plow Homer buys is from Kumatsu Motors, the same Japanese car company that bought Homer’s brother Herb’s bankrupt company?  They do now.

You know, if anybody really read these.

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Simpsons Did It!: “New Kid On The Block”


It wasn’t that long ago that Bart was down on Milhouse for discovering girls and having a girlfriend.

Man, it sure is a shame Milhouse is nowhere in this episode, because he could have gotten in some much-deserved gloating at Bart’s expense.

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Simpsons Did It!: “Marge Gets A Job”


The basic plot of this episode of The Simpsons, entitled “Marge Gets A Job”, is about Marge getting a job.  If you had not figured that out, perhaps basic literacy is beyond you, and if so, I am not sure how you are reading these very words.

All things being equal, this may be the most disquieting episode of the series yet.

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Spoilers After The Break: The Walking Dead: The Alien


Have you heard of Panel Syndicate?  I’m thinking there is a good chance you haven’t.  Panel Syndicate is the brainchild of Marcos Martin whose name you may not recognize but he has illustrated a lot of super hero funny books over the years including Batman and Spider-Man.  His usual partner in crime is one of our favorite writers here at Gabbing Geek, Brian K. Vaughan.  Vaughan’s credits are vast but notably include Y: The Last Man, Saga and of course working on Ryan favorite, Lost.

The concept behind Panel Syndicate is simple.  These talented folks create comics for free and post them on the site for anyone to download.  The “catch” is, you pay what you want for it.  Could be nothing, or $5 or $500.  Whatever you want to contribute.

One of the posted series caught the eye of Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman who is also one of the biggest wigs over at Image Comics.  He wanted to do a print version of the Panel Syndicate series The Private Eye.  Vaughan and Martin agreed to a print version if Kirkman allowed them to write a story in the Walking Dead universe.  Kirman agreed, and The Walking Dead: The Alien was born.  More on this one-shot, complete with spoilers, after the break.

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Simpsons Did It!: “Itchy And Scratchy: The Movie”


This episode did a few things.  It may have helped to inspire the creation of Futurama, it suggested Bart could be great if he were consistently disciplined, and that Homer does have an area in which he is very knowledgable.

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Trailer Time: Independence Day Resurgence


Yeah, we’ve got another Independence Day coming for some reason.  Another trailer has dropped.   How is it?

Self-referential?  Cliched?  Half-baked explanations for the total absence of Will Smith?  Yup.  All that is accounted for.  Like the last one, it looks like a lot of ideas and shots taken from other, better movies.  See for yourself after the cut.

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Podcast Reaction: Avatar Edition


This week on the podcast, the topic of Avatar came out, and not the one that brought us the Last Airbender.

Wait, why am I doing these again?  I don’t know.  I have enough problems when I’m part of the show.  I can use my desktop for better audio but no video, or my Kindle Fire for video but sometimes spotty audio.  Back to reactions…

Ryan, it seems, was quite enthusiastic to defend James Cameron and the movie Avatar. But really, do we need four sequels to this movie?  Furthermore, how do we measure success for a film like this?

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Spoilers After The Break: The Final Days Of Superman


Unlike some of our readers who may not have been born yet, I was a regular in the comic book stores in 1992 when DC pulled the ultimate publicity stunt and killed off the Man of Steel.  His death in Superman #75 sold 3 million copies.  It was a perfect storm.  You had regular comic readers interested.  Former comic readers interested.  Non-comic readers.  The young and old.  Fans of the Superman movies or various TV shows.  Everyone was talking about it.  It was during a time when the death of a character seemed to actually mean something and didn’t happen every other day.  Especially to such an iconic character.   Sales were also boosted by occuring during the comic market boom as people were buying multiple copies as investments, hoping to cash in down the line.  Especially the variant black polybagged version which featured the logo above.  “Fans” were buying two copies.  One to open and read and one to lock away in a pressure sealed vault for safe keeping.

As we know, the market boom crashed not long after and this issue has often been attributed as having a major role in that.  But that’s a different column.  We’re here today to talk about the potential latest death of Superman.  More (including spoilers) after the break on the ongoing Final Days of Superman storyline in Superman #51, Batman/Superman #31 and Action Comics #51.

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