Ryan’s Ten Worst Movies of 2014

bad-smell-stinks-640_620x350I love going to the movies. There is nothing better than a nice Alamo Drafthouse theater (where you will shut the hell up or you will get thrown the hell out) going dark and a good story being shown for an average of 118 minutes.

Unfortunately, they aren’t all good stories.  I didn’t see half as many new movies as Watson did so that’s why he got to run down his Worst 20 Movies of the Year.  Me, I’m only going to rant about the ten worst movies I saw this past year.  Brace yourself. Continue reading Ryan’s Ten Worst Movies of 2014

Amazing Mashup Of Every 2014 Pop Song

Think about it.  Tens of thousands of people created microprocessors and computer programming languages and software tools and Internet protocols and audio mixing programs and video editing tools so that DJ Earworm could bring you an audio and video mashup of every significant pop song of 2014.  Because technology!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Making That Oprah Scratch


The Hunger Games franchise continues to burn bright and its latest release, Mockingjay: Part 1, is on course to surpass Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as 2014’s highest grossing domestic box office film. According to Indiwire:

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