It’s A Sad! Erik Bauersfeld, Voice Of Ackbar, Dies At 93

ackbarAlthough we wouldn’t recognize him walking down the street, Erik Bauersfeld gave us one of the greatest lines in geek history.  The voice of Admiral Ackbar passed away at the age of 93 but we will always have his legacy ringing in our ears.

Star Wars: The Infographic

“At last, we shall reveal our data to the Jedi.”

All geeks love two things: Star Wars and cleverly designed infographics.  The folks over at Bloomberg finally put those two things together with Star Wars: The Force Accounted.  It’s much cooler than the title suggests.  Head over there to see exactly how much time we see the Force being used and by whom and what powers.  We get breakdowns of who says MTFBWY and even a detailed description of the methodology which is just as geeky as the rest of the article.

Sleep Tight With These Star Wars Pillow Cases


IT’S A NAP! – ha! Even Admiral Ackbar know when a good night’s sleep is just a good night’s sleep and nothing else (like a trap). I was tickled to see these super cute Star Wars pillow cases offered up by Etsy Shop owner Saturday Morning Pancakes. There are 3 different versions to choose from. So if you’d like to snuggle up next to a droid, or sleep on the chest of Chewbacca, then check out the other options after the break:

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The Star Wars Comic You Never Knew You Always Wanted

greenleaderDaniel Warren Johnson has created a masterful 11-page comic telling the story of Green Leader from Return of the Jedi.  Who is Green Leader and why do you want to read this amazing short comic?  Find out after the break.

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