Electric Candy Wearable Art


Etsy seller Electric Candy Couture makes awesome cosplay accessories from laser-cut acrylic. In their shop you can find everything from spines, valkyrie helmets and even fairy wings. All items are are glow-in-the-dark, but two battery powered black light LEDs included help provide extra ambiance.

“Electric Candy Couture fuses neon with Neolithic to blend ancient themes into futuristic fantasy. It’s innovative costumes and distinct accessories evoke a fantastic other-worldliness where acrylic is transformed by robots and lasers into an iridescent shimmer of color edged by a glint of articulated steel. Wearers of Electric Candy Couture are transformed into epoch-bending visions of radiance evoking surrealist urban nomads and hallucinatory tribal superheroes.”

See more amazing artifacts after the break:

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