Geek Review: Daredevil Season Two (With SPOILERS)


Daredevil returned to Netflix with new episodes last Friday.  I may be the only writer here so far to finish the new episodes.  Color me surprised.  I just must have had a lot of free time this weekend.

Now I feel sad.

Anyway, review and SPOILERS after the cut.

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Moon Knight? Really?


Daredevil has been a roaring success for Netflix, and with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist on the way, plus Elektra and the Punisher being added to Daredevil, it does seem to be a good place for Marvel’s street level heroes to get some exposure.

As it is, rumors suggest Netflix may be interested in Moon Knight for his own show.  Who is Moon Knight?  Answer after the cut.

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Superhero TV Poll


The Flash returns tonight to the CW, and fans probably couldn’t be happier.  But there’s a lot of superhero bouncing around TV right now.  Which one excites you, dear reader, the most?  Answer the poll after the cut.

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