Course Correction: Sleepy Hollow


Three years ago, the Fox Network premiered Sleepy Hollow.  There is no way to describe this series without it sounding monumentally stupid.  Someone had the idea to combine the writings of Washington Irving, the Book of Revelation, and the American Revolution into one mess of a series.  British scholar turned American revolutionary patriot Ichabod Crane woke up in modern day Sleepy Hollow, New York, where he teamed up with a local policewoman, Abby Mills, to stop the coming apocalypse.  The Headless Horseman is there, and it turns out he’s the Horseman of Death.  And everything was outlined in George Washington’s personal Bible.

Really, just describing the show makes it sound, at best, dumb.  And, to be fair, it is somewhat dumb.  In the first year, the series was actually rather fun.  Then the second came around, and, well, it got kinda not good.  Now, in season three, the show may or may not be working to fix the narrative problems of season one.  How successful will it be?

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Geek Lit (?): Layfayette In The Somewhat United States


Author Sarah Vowell has a unique voice both in reality and in her reality.  The former is pretty easy to prove:  she’s not only an NPR regular contributor, but she voiced the teenage daughter in The Incredibles.

However, her passion is American history.  Vowell’s books detail some facet of history, and does so as she travels around, getting material, and recounting not only the history person or event, but also how she researched the topic, making it as much a travelogue as a history book.  Her latest is Lafayette in the Somewhat United States.  After the cut is my review and, well, SPOILERS?  It’s history.  Two hundred year old history.  We won the Revolutionary War.  Let’s move on.

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