Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars 41 (Issue 4 Edition)


Well, it took a lot longer and was a much more enjoyable journey than DC’s Convergence, but I think I’m officially burnt out on Secret Wars. I’m still looking forward to reading the last two issues, but with the new regular Marvel universe soldiering on almost as if nothing happened, and those two issues being months late, they are almost an afterthought at this point.

But, like the final days of Convergence I still have a lot of books to cover off in my attempt to read everything. Well, moreso, to blog about everything, the reading part is done. To keep myself interested now I have to make a game of it. I see how many times I can bounce Secret Wars and then try to break that record. No wait, that is a different game.

Click through as I cover, for no reason whatsoever, the fourth issue of the following books: Planet Hulk, Armor Wars, Inferno, Spider-Verse, A-ForceX-Tinction Agenda and Ultimate End.

Be sure to check out our latest Secret Wars Power Rankings, which also features links to the other parts of my read through.

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars XXII


Much like the publishing of Secret Wars itself, my read through has fallen behind schedule.  Nothing of the epic Convergence proportions (yet)…but I still have a lot of catching up to do over the next few weeks.

After the cut I share my thoughts on Secret Wars #5, Loki: Agent of Asgard #15, A-Force #2, A-Force #3, Secret Wars 2099 #3 and Secret Wars 2099 #4.

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Case Files #25: X

"I hope you didn't need that window!"
“I hope you didn’t need that window!”

Last week I covered Night Man, a hero from the now defunct Malibu Comics’ Ultraverse line.  Malibu was hardly the only comic publisher to try out a superhero line in the mid 90s.  Dark Horse got involved with something they called “Comics Greatest World”.  At a time when a single issue would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.25, Dark Horse offered weekly introductory comics for $1.  Each week for four months, there would be a new issue continuing the storyline in one of four fictional cities, namely Arcadia, Golden City, Steel Harbor, and Cinnibar Flats.  The last of those locations was where a mysterious Vortex had opened up after an alien scientist was caught doing advanced experiments in a place that humans were conducting simultaneous atomic bomb tests (oops).  The Vortex caused weird mutations and eventually superpowers for select individuals.  Now, granted, these $1 comics tended to be shorter than most comics, and when the regular line started for some of the featured characters, the prices went up, but as an introductory offer it was a good idea.

At any rate, each city had its own feel and distinctive characters.  Golden City, run by the superhuman Grace, the most powerful human hero on Earth (and a woman, Jenny), was a veritable utopia of advanced science.  Steel Harbor was a down-on-its luck blue color city with an industrial feel.  Its best known resident was a woman named Barb Wire that appeared in a movie played by Pamela Anderson.  Cinnibar Flats had sci-fi weirdness going on.  And Arcadia, the first city featured, was a festering cesspool of corruption on every level.  This place made Gotham City look like Disneyworld.

That was where the man called X decided to call the shots.

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars Part Three (Friday Filler Edition)


So we needed content today and I’ve read a couple of Secret Wars books, so I put two and two together and came up with one.  (Column that is.  #jennymath.)

After the break, a quick spoilery look at A-Force #1 and Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1.  And if you guys behave yourselves, maybe a little bonus book thrown in for your reading pleasure.

Also, if you are like me and haven’t read all of Johnathon Hickman’s Avengers run leading up to Secret Wars, be sure to take Tom’s Road To Secret Wars course at gabbinggeekuniversity.com.  The reading materials are online here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six and Part Seven.

And that course is a prerequisite to the other parts of this series: Part One, Part Two

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“Jimmy, Enough With Secret Wars Already!” But…But…They Updated Battleworld!

Battleworld 1.0
Battleworld 1.0

As Marvel continues to slowly tease out Secret Wars and prepare to take all my money (well, half my money, since DC’s Convergence is already looking at taking the other half), they have revealed the specifics on 8 more of the Battleworld zones:

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