The Science Of Bacon – Spoiler Alert… It’s Delicious! 


Ahhhhhhh. The science of bacon. Who does’t love bacon. NO ONE. That’s right – not a soul on earth doesn’t love bacon. Even those people who swore off pork for religious reasons, and including those that think bacon is unhealthy – even all those people love bacon – because BACON. In fact, 43% of Canadians would choose Bacon over Sex! That’s a fact! Wow @jimmyimpossible I would have never guessed your people were such fans of the pork over…. porking! But I digress, Watch this awesome video from ASAP Science on why bacon is the food of the gods!

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What If Humans Disappeared?



A zombie apocalypse is right around the corner if you believe anything the Walking Dead has to say. And with the rise of post-apocalyptic storytelling in Young Adult literature (Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched, etc.), it’s hard not to think about what would happen if a major catastrophe hit our little blue planet. Our friends over at ASAP Science took the idea one step further. They asked the question: What if all the humans disappeared? See what they have to say after the break.

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