Catching Up With Ash Vs Evil Dead


Just after Halloween I reviewed the first episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead.  And then…nothing.  That’s mostly because I hadn’t watched any episodes since.  It’s pretty par for the course for me to be behind on any shows I am currently watching.  Don’t even ask how far behind I am on The Flash…or Breaking Bad…or Sopranos.

But last night I had some time to kill and did get up to date on our second favorite show about killing the undead.  See my general thoughts about how this show is doing after the jump.  Somewhat spoilery, but mostly an overall view, and not episode specific.

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Ash Vs Evil Dead Episode One Review

Presenting the greatest killer of the undead the world has ever known…

Ash Vs Evil Dead debuted on Halloween Night.  As a big fan of the Evil Dead movie series (though I’ve never seen the reboot) I was really looking forward to this.  Find out my thoughts of the premiere episode after the cut.  Warning, some spoilers within.

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Need A Five Minute Or So Crash Course In All Things Evil Dead?


Ash Vs Evil Dead premiered on Halloween Night.  Did you watch?  If not, is it because you’re not familiar with the Evil Dead series?  Maybe it is because it’s been so long since you watched the trilogy that you feel like you need a refresher first?  Or maybe you think Bruce Campbell is not a God and the Evil Dead is garbage?

Well, that last one cannot be true, so it must be one of the other two.  In which case, after the cut, IGN tells you all you need to know about the Evil Dead series to prepare you to watch the show.

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Gimmie Some (Teaser) Sugar Baby!


Some of us at Gabbing Geek cannot wait for the new “Ash vs. Evil Dead” series to debut on Starz.  I know Ryan is a huge fan and it is one of my favorite franchises.  Before he made the leap to prolific Gabbing Geek columnist, Tom Kelly was prolific Gabbing Geek GeekMail writer and always signed off his letters with “Give me some sugar baby!”  A quote from the third film in the Evil Dead series Army of Darkness (not Rocky IV Jenny).

After the break check out a teaser for the new show!

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Casting News For Ash vs. Evil Dead


No need to adjust your monitor.  You don't know these people.
No need to adjust your monitor. You don’t know these people.

Those of us eagerly awaiting Starz’ Ash vs. Evil Dead and perhaps hoping for some big names getting cast can now stop dreaming of that.  While my hopes are still high for the 10-episode series it won’t be because of casting.  Just announced: the additions of Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo.  Mr Santiago was in Touch, Ms DeLorenzo was in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.  And you don’t know either of them.  So…yeah.