Geek Review: Batman V Superman


Like many people, I saw Batman V Superman:  Dawn Is A Dish Detergent over the weekend.  I actually went with a small group and got a small range of opinions.  My group included:

  • Me.  Duh.
  • My thirteen-year old niece.  She’s a sucker for the Marvel movies, and since I was going home for Easter, I asked her if she wanted to see the movie.  She said yes.
  • My brother.  Another geek, mostly.  I had initially asked him if he wanted to come along with our niece and myself and bring his oldest son (age 9) too.  My brother wanted to see the movie first before he took his son.  Understandable.  Then he asked me to get another ticket when I bought them.
  • The open seat.  Here’s where everything got complicated.  The original person I got this for was my sister-in-law, who is not a geek.  At all.  But, she got sick Saturday.  My brother asked his son.  The kid wanted to go at first, then changed his mind for some reason no one understood.  The last ticket was eventually used by my brother’s father-in-law, of little geek persuasion.

So, tickets in hand, this motely group went to see the movie.  Review and SPOILERS after the cut.

[A note from Jimmy: I’ve hijacked this post and put my thoughts at the end.  They are spoiler free, but since you have to read through Tom’s excellent review to get there…I guess it matters little.]

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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batfleck! Solo Movie Coming Soon?

If this, Netflix and Charlie Cox don’t make you forget my Daredevil movie, I give up.

It’s not officially official but more “where there’s smoke there’s fire” rumors are popping up again that Mr. Ex-Jennifer Garner is preparing to star in and direct a solo Batman film.  This rumor cycle brought to you by Deadline with the added spin that Affleck will co-write the film with DC’s chief creative officer and current Justice League scribe Geoff Johns.

There is no rumored release date for said movie, but you’d have to think DC/Warner Bros would want this in theatres as hot on the heels of Batsoup and Suicide Squad as possible.  Those two films have release dates of March and August 2016 respectively. When trying to figure out where Warners would place this, keep in mind the current release date for the first Justice League film is Nov 2017.  And at some unknown date in 2017 we are supposed to get the Lego Batman movie.  With Flash and Aquaman feature films due in 2018, I can see some shuffling of DC properties here if this rumor holds up.

There is a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice panel at San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow that may give us some clarity on all of this.

Continued Batman In Suicide Squad Rumors

Re-enactment of WB executives on the way to the bank.

Rumors of a Batman appearance in Suicide Squad have been around for a few months. Latino Review (via Instagram) believe they have additional information on how Batman will be used…potential (minor) spoilers…

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