Batman Day = Money In Your Utility Belt


If you’re like me you have a long list of Batman things that you want to buy.  You also probably have a pretty long list of Batman stuff that you already have.  But if you are working on your “buy list”, it’s a good time as Bat-sales are everywhere this week because of Batman Day.

Here’s a few of note, I’m sure there are more:

Happy Bat-shopping!

As well, here’s a list of Batman Day Events and visit your local comic shop for a free Batman comic which features a reprint of the first chapter of Batman: Endgame and a preview of the upcoming Batman And Robin Eternal.

Happy Batman Day!


For some reason today we celebrate the awesomeness of the Dark Knight.  I’m not sure why, but I’m not complaining.  So put on your Batman shirts and your Detective Comics underoos and read a comic, watch a TV show or movie or do the Batusi, anything to show your love for DC’s iconic character.