Your Somber Star Wars Fact Of The Day

"I find your use of Comic Sans...most disturbing."
“I find your use of Comic Sans…most disturbing.”

Look, today is all about Star Wars no matter what else is out there.  But let’s pause to consider one sad fact.

There were 1,179,293 people staffing the original Death Star.

The Galactic Standard Calendar used in Star Wars has 368 days.

Meaning, assuming a standard distribution, 3,204 people died in or around the Death Star on their birthday.

Happy new Star Wars Day everybody!

Happy Birthday, Bugs Bunny!


75 years ago today, a cartoon short named “A Wild Hare” debuted.  It featured a grey rabbit that uttered a famous greeting in form of, “What’s up, Doc?”

Yup.  It’s Bugs Bunny’s birthday.  That link will take you to a Time article showing the first time he used that line along with some other history of the character.

Bugs is one of my favorite fictional characters.  One of his frequent directors, Chuck Jones, explained that Bugs was what many people wished they were.  By contrast, Daffy Duck is the person we fear we secretly are.

For one of Bugs’ best reoccurring bits, see behind the cut.

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Happy Birthday, Watson!

Fire marshals prevent us from lighting the candles.
Fire marshals prevent us from lighting the candles.

Happy birthday to Gabbing Geek co-founder and podcaster, Watson! He’s officially over the hill by reaching the big 4 to the 0. Show him some birthday love in the comments and give a listen to our latest podcast episode dropping later today!