Gabbing Geek 31: Three, To, One

Gabbing Geek 31: Three, To, One
Gabbing Geek 31: Three, To, One

The latest episode of your favorite geek podcast is live right now–go listen!  Check out the full notes after the break.

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BREAKING NEWS: Boba Fett Cast As Spider-Man

bobaGabbing Geek sources have just confirmed that Boba Fett will be cast as Spider-Man in both the future Sony standalone pictures as well as upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe cross-overs.

“BOBA FETT!” president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige announced in a press release.  “B to the O to the B to the A all up in your Fett!  Boba Fett!”

Stay tuned to as additional details are revealed.

Custom Chrome Lego Figures


Say hello to the dark side of chrome with these little mini lego figures. LynxCollection on Etsy has custom created these little guys using original LEGO pieces. And if you think Darth Vader is cool, check out their other pieces after the break.

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I love Etsy – you know why? Because, Boba Fett. Check out this amazing 50’s style Boba Fett dress made by Etsy seller ActionPink. It’s just too adorable for words! I bet you can pick up any local scruffy looking nerf herders while in this dress! Don’t miss out on more pics after the break.

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Original Geek Art: STAR WARS


In this weeks edition of “Original Geek Art” we’d like to bring your attention to these beautiful Star Wars hand drawn and colored posters. All credit goes to Ben over at Bensmind. Ben states that when he was younger he used to make books about going out and about in the world where he’d write and draw about his experience. Now, all grown up, Ben is a graphic designer. The Star Wars prints came about because he proclaims himself as a massive sci-fi geek. His ETSY shop proves his passion. You can see anything from what we are featuring, to Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Dark Tower, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Breaking Bad and so much more! See more of Ben’s amazing work after the break…

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Super Awesome Superhero Helmets


Holy cow, I wish I had a motorcycle so that I had a real reason to buy one of these awesome helmets. I mean, I guess I could buy one of these helmets just because they are awesome, but it would be awkward to wear this around the house. Could you imagine me walking round in my sweats and geek tee while donning the massive face of Wonder Woman? Actually, don’t picture that, spare me the humility. But  honestly,  how would I brush my teeth or eat pizza? I guess this means I need to bye a motorcycle. That’s the only option. Want to see more? Check out the photos after the break.

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