Geek Lit: The Living End (Daniel Faust Book 3)


My very first Gabbing Geek article was all about urban fantasy, that subgenre where protagonists are often supernatural individuals, or people with knowledge of supernatural individuals, living in the modern world.

One of the authors and book series I recommended there was Craig Schaefer’s Daniel Faust series.  Faust is a magician living in Las Vegas, a former flunky to a half-demon mobster that does odd jobs.  The third novel in the series, The Living End, wraps up an opening trilogy of novels where Daniel matches wits with the treacherous Lauren Carmichael.  Review with some potential spoilers after the cut.

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Geek Lit: Among Others


Over a six month period from late 1979 to early 1980, Morwenna Philips writes about her life in a diary.  She ran away from an insane mother to live with her father, fleeing her home in Wales for the unusual culture clash of an upper-class English household and boarding school.  She barely knows the father who abandoned her when she and her recently deceased twin sister were babies.  The two share a passion for science fiction and fantasy, and little else.

Oh, Morwenna, Mor to her friends (oddly enough, also her late sister’s nickname), believes in magic and fairies.  She claims her mother tried to cast an evil spell and it was stopping her at the behest of the fairies that got her sister killed and permanently damaged her one leg.

Is that the truth?  Jo Walton’s Hugo award winning novel Among Others follows Mor during this period.  Spoilers and a review after the cut.

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