Super Bowl 50 – Captain America: Civil War


The Cap 3 commercial after the break is short but gives us a clear drawing of lines between the Avengers in the upcoming Civil War.  Still no sign of a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #44: Isaiah Bradley


Diversity in long-standing superhero comics is hard work.  Most of the classic superheroes were white men because they were largely created by white men.  There were a handful of white women in the mix, but minority representation among superheroes has often been rough if not outright painful in the way some creators set about creating a hero of color.

Sometimes the answer is to create a new version of the hero in question, a legacy character, that can be of another race and hope it goes over well.  That can lead to successful characters, like Green Lantern John Stewart, or less successful ones, like the Marvel hero Battlestar, a black man set as a partner to U.S.Agent, himself a onetime Captain America.  Battlestar initially went by the codename “Bucky” until someone realized that was actually a rather racist name and changed it to Battlestar.

But then there’s the curious case of Isaiah Bradley.

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #40: General Glory

Yes, he's supposed to look familiar.
Yes, he’s supposed to look familiar.

Last week, when I covered the Beefeater in this column, I mentioned how that Beefeater’s dad was a partner to a World War II era American hero named General Glory.  When the Beefeater tried to tell his wife about his old man’s adventures with the good General, his wife reminded him that General Glory was a fictional character from American comic books.

Thing is, the Justice League books of the time dropped that line a couple times, and so it came as something of a surprise that General Glory was actually a real guy.

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Heroes Case File #34: Nomad

The most 90s-looking hero of all time!

Captain America joined the Avengers with issue #4 of that series.  He’d been found frozen in ice and quickly joined the team, in part as a replacement for the Hulk who’d quit two issues earlier.  Cap recounted how he’d gotten frozen in the first place, when he and his partner and sidekick Bucky had tried to disarm an explosive plane during World War II.  Cap was thrown off and frozen in ice.  Bucky was thrown off without an arm, and later emerged as the Winter Soldier.

But here’s the thing:  that comic never happened.  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby just needed a quick explanation of where Cap had been and why Bucky wasn’t around in case anyone actually remembered the two of them.  There actually had been plenty of Cap and Bucky adventures between the end of World War II and when Steve Rogers joined the Avengers.

That’s where Nomad comes into play…

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars Part Nineteen


No theme to this edition, just trying to catch up.  After the break I’ll look at Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1, Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #2, 1602: Witch Hunter Angela #1, 1602: Witch Hunter Angela #2, Inferno #2 and Inferno #3

Also, if you are like me and haven’t read all of Johnathon Hickman’s Avengers run leading up to Secret Wars, be sure to take Tom’s Road To Secret Wars course at  The reading materials are online here: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7.

And that course is a prerequisite to the other parts of this series: 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1415, 16, 17, 18

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The Definitive List Of Marvel’s Phase 2 Star Wars Easter Eggs

"I'm not losing my father's lightsaber, I'm setting up a movie 38 years from now."
“I’m not losing my father’s lightsaber, I’m setting up a movie 38 years from now.”

Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige has been open about his love of Star Wars and revealed years ago his secret Easter Egg nod to Empire Strikes Back in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Just like Luke Skywalker famously lost hold of his father’s lightsaber when his dad cut off his hand, every movie in the second phase of the MCU has had someone losing their hand or arm.  Now that Phase 2 is complete with the release of Ant-Man, we can prevent the final list of every Empire-based Marvel severed appendage!  The list even includes all the Marvel TV properties as well!

Jump after the break to see them all, but since the last one is from the recently released Ant-Man then BE WARNED THE REST OF THIS POST CONTAINS ANT-MAN SPOILERS!

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6 Spoilers For The Post-Spidey Marvel Cinematic Universe

Brace yourself.
Brace yourself.

Look around you–does the world feel different? Sure does. We’re living in the post-Spidey MCU world and it’s going to be fantastic. And while the deal to bring Spidey back into the fold may not be as clean as a full retreat by Sony it still has a lot of good stuff: Spidey in MCU films, Feige contributing in some way to make the standalone Spidey movies by Sony suck less, and the possibility of other MCU characters coming into the Spideyverse.

How this all happens is still up in the air but given that Latino Review broke this story weeks ago with not just the details of the deal but also how it would happen, it’s likely that their other news about the “how” of it all is also legit. And it’s huge. If you’d like to know what this means for Spidey and the MCU then keep reading. But be warned–


Seriously. We’ll be revealing info from several MCU films and even Age of Ultron. Spoiler-puritans should stop reading now. Everyone else, let’s continue.
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Russo Brothers Confirm More Civil War Combatants

The Russo brothers talk about Captain America: Civil War during an interview in China and confirm that Sebastian Stan and Scarlett Johansson will appear in the movie.  This shouldn’t surprise any fans of Cap.  We already knew Sebastian Stan signed a contract for a billion Marvel movies–the only surprise will be finding out which movies he won’t appear in.  And Black Widow already showed up in Cap 2, so being in Cap 3 is about as exciting as discovering it will have an end credits scene as well.  But, you know, confirmed!


h/t to Jimmy Impossibe!