Tom Recommends: Young Justice (Animated Series)

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Animator Greg Wiseman has had a long string of animated series that have pleased fans but have always seemed to be cut short due to other factors.  He was forced off Disney’s Gargoyles and saw his Spectacular Spider-Man cut short due to the Spider-rights going to Disney.

Then there was Young Justice, an animated series set in the DC universe about a team of superhero sidekicks going on covert missions for the Justice League.

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Awesome Cosplay Of The Day #SDCC Edition


San Diego Comic Con is is full swing – and that means COSPLAY! Hundreds and Hundreds of awesome cosplay. There is so much cosplay in fact, that we truly cannot cover it all – but that being said, Business Insider had a wonderful library to share, and we picked out a few of our favorite. Check them all out after the break:

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Super Awesome Superhero Helmets


Holy cow, I wish I had a motorcycle so that I had a real reason to buy one of these awesome helmets. I mean, I guess I could buy one of these helmets just because they are awesome, but it would be awkward to wear this around the house. Could you imagine me walking round in my sweats and geek tee while donning the massive face of Wonder Woman? Actually, don’t picture that, spare me the humility. But  honestly,  how would I brush my teeth or eat pizza? I guess this means I need to bye a motorcycle. That’s the only option. Want to see more? Check out the photos after the break.

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