Stan Lee Cameo School Will Blow Your Mind


There are two types of people in this world: those who understand the multi-layered joke onion that is the Stan Lee Cameo School movie and those that I need to educate.  Which are you?  Check out the movie after the break.

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Cephalothorax Cameos (Or Spiders, Spiders Everywhere)


Part of the reason I was hired on here at Gabbing Geek was because of a secret project I am working on.  (The other reason is because I give the best back rubs.)  So secret in fact, that the Geeks themselves are not aware of it and one day I will strike and take over the site and crush them like the the vermin they are!  Mwahahahahaha….um…ahem.  Forget you read that last part Jenny, Ryan, Watson and Tom.

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