Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Buzz Lightyear Space Marine


Check out this awesome Buzz Lightyear by cosplayer Stoosh from Canada! We here at Gabbing Geek love the Canadians, especially when they dress up like toys (pay attention Jimmy). Want to see more – check it out after the break:

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A Disclaimer

Oh well.
Oh well.

Yesterday I posted a positive review for a low budget sci-fi movie called The Machine.  I was then informed that both Ryan and Watson put the movie in question on their worst flicks of 2014.

Um, oops.

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Pucked From Beyond The Grave

Wrong Puck!
Wrong Puck!

Wolverine is somewhat renowned as, among other things, a short superhero.  Most adult male Marvel heroes that aren’t Spider-Man easily get to be about six feet tall, minimum, while Wolverine is a measly 5’4″ tall.  To make Wolverine look tall, his onetime sorta Alpha Flight teammate Puck is needed.  Puck absorbed a mystical sorcerous swordsman and managed to have his body condensed to half his regular size, so he generally appears to be, like, 2 feet tall.

Oh, and he was killed in an offhand, offscreen manner early in Brian Michael Bendis’ Avengers run along with most of Alpha Flight to make a bad guy look tougher.

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