Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Convergence: Week Five Part One


I’m back baby!  (Editor’s Note: Jimmy, you used that two posts ago.)  As Convergence continues its trek towards being the most forgettable crossover event ever.  The tie ins are not bad, but seem to have little to no bearing on the main book and vice versa.  If you like a particular DC character from a particular era, pick up those books.  Otherwise, just pick up the main mini-series, which may be of interest.

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Read on for Week Five spoilers after break for Convergence #5, Convergence Batman And Robin #2, Convergence Superman #2, Convergence Nightwing Oracle #2, Convergence Batgirl #2, and Convergence Harley Quinn #2.

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Podcast Reaction: Planetary Edition

Not that Planetary.
Not that Planetary.

This week on the podcast, Ryan and Watson discussed numbers and such.  Yawn.

They also debuted the Meerkat thingamajig, but I don’t have a twitter account, so that means nothing to me.

But then there was a game where Watson was challenged to see if he could recognize various fictional planets and their source material.  Ryan did call him to task for not knowing Earthsea.  To be fair, while I do know Earthsea is the product of Ursala K. Le Guin, that’s about all I know.  Plus, Earth-C is a legitimate homonym.  Captain Carrot deserves better.

But then I got to thinking about other things…

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Slightly Misplaced Comics Heroes Case Files #4: Tyroc

This may not end well.
This may not end well.

I’ve never been much of a fan of DC’s Legion of Superheroes.  I couldn’t begin to tell you why.  I do enjoy DC’s black-and-white reprints of various older books.  The Showcase Presents series gives the reader usually around 500 pages or so of old stories for a low price, and are a good way for the fan of Silver Age silliness to find the old stuff without breaking the bank.  This was how I was able to write columns in this series on both Captain Carrot and the Unknown Soldier.  But I have limits, and one of them is old Superman stories where Superman often saves the day using deception.  The reader will think Superman is in a bind of some kind (never a physical one), only to discover he was aware of the problem the whole time and had already beaten it and was just waiting for the end of the story to tell everyone.  My one attempt at a Legion Showcase was done by Superman’s writers and artists and the stories were about the same level of jumping out at the reader and shouting, “Psyche!”  But the Legion lasted a good long time, and has been rebooted tons of times since then.  One of the legendary runs was by writer Paul Levitz, who wrote the book for 15 years and during that time he managed to include every member of the Legion at some point, even the dead ones using flashbacks.

The one exception was Tyroc.

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Slightly Misplaced Comics Heroes Case File #1: Captain Carrot


There are many superheroes.  There are many talking rabbits.  In the giant venn diagram of both such creations, there isn’t much overlap.

Into that realm steps the mighty Captain Carrot.

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