Tom Recommends: The Cornetto Trilogy

Gabbing Geek Tom Recommends v2Among the many interesting “what if’s” that we can ask in regards to the recent Ant-Man, there is the question of how the movie would have turned out had the original director, Edgar Wright, finished the movie he’d worked on for so long.  Wright still got a story and script credit for the work, and had parted ways due to some sort of creative differences with Marvel Films.  Wright had been linked to the project for ages, well before The Avengers hit the big screen, such that many hoped or assumed Wright’s longtime friend and collaborator Simon Pegg might have been cast as Hank Pym.

Why would anyone assume that?  Well, you’d need to see the Cornetto Trilogy to get that.

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Movie Review: Cinderella (2015) Steals The Ball

cinderellaWarning: I’m totally going to spoil this movie for you right now.  Cinderella marries the prince.  There.  I have officially spoiled a story that was first published in 1634.  I believe the 371 years since publication somewhat weaken my need for a spoiler warning, but I’m still getting grief to not ruin Breaking Bad for some people.

That notion of spoiling Cinderella goes hand in hand with the biggest question we had before this movie came out–why are they making this story again?  For several generations we’ve had the classic 1950 animated and for many people the idea of remaking this movie seemed preposterous.  But it actually makes perfect sense.  Find out why after the break.

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