Help Captain America & Star Lord By Participating In Their Superbowl Bet


Place your bets people, place your bets. Because it’s time for the heavy weight champion of the world, strongest man alive, fastest team around, men acting like barbarians, SUPERBOWL! That’s right – that great ol’ American past-time event where commercials cost $3M for 30 seconds and the only other competition for viewership is the Puppy/Kitten bowl (which I watch every year – no lie).

But this year is the best Superbowl ever. You want to know why? Captain America & Star-Lord.

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Gabbing Geek Poll: YOUR Most Anticipated Movie of 2015

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We’ve talked a lot about the amazing slate of films set for 2015.  It should be a record setting year as we Geeks continue our ascendancy!

What are you itching to see?

Captain America: Civil War Production Details 


Excited about Ant-Man?  Lot of news about that lately.  Avengers 2 coming out.  We should discuss the relationship between Vision and Jarvis.  Yeah, screw that, let’s talk about Civil War!  Anthony Mackie (aka the Falcon) teased some filming locations of the much anticipated Iron Man 4 err….we mean Captain America 3. (RDJ is a supporting actor).

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Size Matters When it Comes to Avengers!

We at Gabbing Geek LOVE stupid viral internet charts comparing the size of geek things.  Avenger height is about as good as it gets!

Not sure how the Iron Man armor is 6’5″ when Robert Downey Jr is 5’9″.  His feet are at the bottom.  His head is at the top.  Not like you can make that taller…

Can’t wait to see the Hulkbuster armor in action!!!



Source: ComicbookMovie!

Harry Knowles Top Ten Films of 2014


We at Gabbing Geek love what fellow Austin geek Harry Knowles brings to the fandom!  Even his minor musings are Must Read Material because he knows things before the break.  Hell.  Before they happen.

Most of his top ten will appear somewhere in my top 25, but while we count them down this week check out Harry’s list over at Ain’t It Cool.


Watson’s #11-20 Best Movies of 2014…Silver Medalists, All!

This was a great year for movies, so I didn’t want to just discuss my top ten.  There were so many movies that were worthy of consideration. I’ll post the full list Thursday, but first here are the films that, while not worthy of top ten rankings, are surely praiseworthy.  With so many great films released, there is no shame in silver!

The Hell you say!

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