Teaser Time: Predator Image


Do we need another Predator?  I don’t know.  But there’s a new one coming from writer/director Shane Black, who was also the dorky guy in the glasses that got killed first in the original movie.

Given Black’s preferences, I am expecting the movie to take place around Christmas.

Teaser image after the cut.

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Spectacular Superhero Stockings Are Perfect For The Holidays


This year, why not make it a point to update that old musty-dusty stocking of yours with a bright shiny new Reindeer! I mean – Stocking! I must have Rudolph on the brain. Thanks to Creations by Catherine, there are many different heroes to choose from, like Wonder Woman, Robin, and of course the staples you see above. Each stocking runs about $35. Curious as to what these harbingers of toys and goodies look like? Check em out after the break!

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Geeky Holiday Tree Toppers You Probably Need

Tis the Season! Or…. cough… almost. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a head start on what we all know is around the corner. Let us help you do some early planning with these holiday tree toppers like the above from Lighter Cases. To geek, or not to geek – there is no question. GEEK!

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Poll: Temple of Doom versus Last Crusade (or “Is Jenny Wrong AGAIN?”)



In this week’s Gabbing Geek podcast, Jenny made a strong case that Temple of Doom is vastly superior to Last Crusade in the Indiana Jones series.  Check out the debate at the podcast to hear us blast Jenny!  Ryan and Watson disagreed strongly, so we decided to put it to YOU loyally readers.  Which is the better film?

Take the quiz and stick around to post in the comments section how you’d rank ALL FOUR Indy films!


If you came here just to settle the bet, check out some of the great articles we have here at Gabbing Geek!

So, will Jenny prevail or is this Diehard/Christmas movie all over again?

Either way?  Fortune and Glory, Kid.  Fortune and Glory.