Podcast Reaction: The “Is It A Classic?” Edition


This week on the podcast, it was all about Back to the Future.  There were proposed sequels, even if Ryan’s did remind me of that Chrononauts thing Jimmy suggested I read.  Well worth the 8 bucks I paid for it, too.

There was the world’s worst geek trivia.

There were future predictions.

But all this talk over Back to the Future has me wondering…is it really a classic?

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Jimmy Recommends: Chrononauts


I may or may not have a friend who is working on a super secret project with writer Mark Millar.  He may or may not have asked me to familiarize myself with Millarworld for reference.  So this past weekend I checked out a book called Chrononauts from Image Comics.  And so should you.  I’ll break down why after the cut.

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